About Dr Orman

About Dr Orman–he is a physician, an award-winning self-help author and is America’s leading stress elimination expert.

If you are interested in either reducing your stress or losing weight permanently (or both), we are here to help.

Our approach to helping you solve these two problems differs from most advice you’ve already received.

Hopefully, this will excite you, since most of the advice you’ve already received hasn’t helped all that much…has it?

There are reasons why most stress relief and weight loss programs don’t work. And if you explore this site, download and read our free reports, and then open our emails, you’ll quickly find out why.

You’ll also discover the real reasons why you haven’t been able to get rid of harmful stress in your life, or shed those excess pounds that are clearly not doing you any good either. And you may be surprised to learn these reasons have little to do with YOU…or what you are capable of.

They have everything to do with false ideas, misguided behavior change theories, and other mistaken assumptions about how to solve these two problems that are not only widespread (and constantly drummed into us) within our society, but are also shared by the majority of health professionals, life coaches, stress gurus, and weight loss trainers as well.

About Dr Orman


Here’s a photo of me teaching one of my early stress relief seminars more than 30 years ago. I’ve shared my insights with thousands of others since then.

“We keep suffering from stress not because life itself is so stressful, but because we misunderstand what stress really is, what causes it to occur, and what we can do about it .” (Doc Orman)

What This Site Can Do For You

“Most Weight Loss Programs Teach You How to Fail. So If you Really Want To Succeed, Do Yourself A Favor And Check Out My Very different and unique Approach”

This site contains new and powerful insights about stress and about permanent weight control. These two problems are linked in obvious and not so obvious ways.

  • Over time, they both can damage our health and make us sick;
  • When some people feel stressed, they turn to food and overeating to soothe their jangled nerves.
  • When people go on a diet and try to lose weight, they often become stressed by the whole weight loss process, so they give up before they can succeed.
  • Even when people do lose weight, they often revert to overeating again when life becomes stressful in any way.
  • And finally, being overweight itself can be very stressful. Just think about all the shame, self-blame, guilt, regrets, anger, sadness, rejections and other negative reactions from others.

Those are some of the obvious links between stress and being overweight. But it goes way deeper than that. The same types of myths, misconceptions and faulty self-improvement theories underlie both of these two modern lifestyle challenges.

Therefore, if you want to have any chance for a true, lasting breakthrough (regarding either long-term stress relief or permanent weight control), you will need to learn how to recognize and then overcome some of these less obvious mindset issues.

The good news is that if you’ve been successful in any other area of your life, you definitely have what it takes to succeed against stress and the battle to control your weight.

You’ve got all the ability that’s needed.  You just haven’t found the right game plan yet that can empower you to succeed.

We are here to offer you better roadmaps.

We’re here not only to tell you that you can succeed, but to take you by the hand and actually show you how to do it.

So if you are tired of feeling stressed and want to live a happier, more peaceful but still productive life, we’re here to help.

And if you are tired of failing to reduce your weight and keep it where you want it to be, and you dream of getting compliments rather than disapproving stares from other people, we are also here to help you as well.

The first thing I recommend you do is download and read at least one of our free reports on why most stress relief programs and weight loss programs FAIL.

It doesn’t matter which one you start with. Either will do to give you some insights into how our approach differs.  So pick the one that interests you the most.