basket case and stress

3 Humongous Secrets For Eliminating Stress—Secret #1

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Secret #1: Are You A Basket Case? Dr. Mort Orman here and today I want to focus on one of the biggest secrets—actually a humongous secret—for eliminating stress from your life. This secret lies in the answer to the question: “Are you a basket case?” when it comes to dealing with stress. Cutting to the chase…the answer is most likely: “Yes you are!” It’s Not Your Fault Yes, you ARE probably …

feedback and stress

3 More Internal Causes Of Stress—Part 3

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Failing To Relate To Stress As Feedback Dr. Mort Orman here and today I want to highlight another very common cause of human stress. This is an internal cause which I call “Failing To Relate To Stress As Feedback.” Feedback Or Failure? Did you know that you have a big choice to make in how you relate to stress? When we feel stressed, we’ve been taught to believe things are …

internal cause relationship stress

3 More Internal Causes Of Stress—Part 2

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Kicking Your Seeing Eye Dog A very common stress-producing action pattern in human relationships is a pattern I call KICKING YOUR SEEING-EYE DOG. This pattern is particularly common among both married couples and couples who break up prior to getting married. Opposites Attract KICKING YOUR SEEING-EYE DOG is based upon the principle that opposites attract. Most of us become attracted to other people not because they are similar to us, …

the blame game

3 More Internal Causes Of Stress—Part 1

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Blaming Yourself Or Others Dr. Mort Orman here and this week, I will be focusing on three more very common internal causes of stress. All internal causes of human stress can be divided into two major categories of causes: 1) internal thoughts, beliefs, theories, assumptions and other cognitive factors: and 2) internal behavior patterns, behavioral tendencies, behavior habits and other actions, including our failure to take certain actions. All three …

stress and expectations 2

How Many Expectations Are You Carrying Around?

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Expectations play an important role in many types of stress we experience.  Here are just a few examples: Emotional Distress Many of our moods and emotions are tied to our expectations. If you expect to always be perfect, for example, you will often feel demoralized or depressed. If you expect bad things will surely happen to you, you may feel frightened, chronically anxious or perpetually worried. And when people fail …

stress and expectations

Are You Expecting? (For Men And Women)

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Dr. Mort Orman here and please don’t let the title of this article–or the picture above–throw you.  It’s not about pregnancy! Whether you are a man or a woman, the question “Are You Expecting?” applies to you. And whether you know it or not, the answer is… “Yes, you are.” As human beings, we are always “expecting.” In other words, we are always having expectations. Lots of expectations, actually. Some, …

Stress Eliminators League

Introducing “The League Of Extraordinary Stress Eliminators”

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Dr. Mort Orman here and today I want to introduce you to a very new type of online community—The League of Extraordinary Stress Eliminators. This is a new, private FB group I created that focuses exclusively on helping people win the “inside game” of stress. In other words, its primary purpose is to help people become better at identifying the internal causes of their stress, and then knowing how to …

barrier to eliminating stress

What Is Our Biggest Barrier To Eliminating Stress?

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Dr. Mort Orman here and today I want to focus on our biggest barrier to eliminating stress. Now there are actually many barriers. One is that we don’t really believe that eliminating most of our stress is realistically possible. Another is that we think only a few, very special people could ever accomplish such a “superhuman” feat. A third is that we don’t know many people who have successfully learned …

stress awareness month

Stress Elimination: This Year’s Theme For National Stress Awareness Month (April)

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Dr. Mort Orman here and today I am announcing that “stress elimination” will be the official theme for this year’s National Stress Awareness Month (April 1-30). I have been the sponsor of National Stress Awareness Month, every April since 1992. And as the sponsor, I get to choose a theme if I wish. Some years I select a theme, and some years I don’t. This year, I thought it important …

how to eliminate stress

Would You Rather Manage Your Stress…Or Eliminate It?

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Dr. Mort Orman here and today I want to ask you a very important question. Would you rather manage your stress…or eliminate it instead? Most people say they would rather eliminate their stress, instead of spending countless hours each and every week of their lives just to manage it. And while they answer this way, they don’t really think it’s possible to eliminate most of their stress. But what if …