Can Lies Make Us Sick?

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I’ve got a news flash for you:  YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!

Are you aware how much you are being lied to, each and every day?

All you have to do is turn on the T.V., listen to the radio, or read your local newspaper and the lies will start pouring out, right into your waiting eyes and ears.

Of course, if you don’t get your fill of lies from these traditional outlets, simply hop on the Internet and you can get additional lies from all around the world.

Here too you can find a wide array of half-truths, one-sided opinions, biased conclusions, poorly designed scientific studies, half-baked (or not baked at all) theories, and downright intentional falsehoods.

And then there are the lies you hear from your boss, your company leaders, your co-workers, your friends, your spouse and maybe even your children.

We’ve grown so accustomed to hearing multiple lies every day that we think we’ve become immune to them all.  But have we really?

Are our bodies and our minds still being negatively impacted by all the lies we hear continuously, even though we might discount them?

Lies About Stress

I think certain lies other people tell us really can make us sick.

For example, do you believe that chronic and persistent high levels of stress can make a person sick?  I certainly do.

But what if I told you that people have consistently and repeatedly lied to you about stress.  And what if I asserted that the lies people have told you about what stress is and why it occurs are keeping you from getting rid of most of the stress in your life.

If this turns out to be true, and the lies you are being told about stress are keeping you stuck with a good amount of it that you don’t need to have, wouldn’t these lies be contributing to making you sick?

Maybe you’ve never thought about your health and about stress in this way, but I have.

And once I figured out that I too had been lied to about stress, and once I was finally able to recognize what the real truth about stress really is, my previously high  levels of stress dropped off dramatically.

And that’s just one specific example of how lies can make us sick.

Lies About How To Be Healthy

What about all the lies you’ve been told about how to be healthy, how to live longer, whether or not to take vitamins or dietary supplements, and how to treat certain illnesses?

And then there are the extreme examples, like when we were told that bone marrow transplants were effective for treating advanced breast cancer, only to find out years later that the “scientific” research which gave rise to this recommendation had been totally falsified.

Once again, I ask you to consider if lies can make us sick.

You see, I think lots of little lies continually add up to make us numb to this daily bombardment of falsehoods.  And this makes us more susceptible to accepting bigger lies as well, some of which can be very damaging to our health.

Are Political Lies Innocuous?

So now that were are in the midst of a heated presidential campaign, you’re going to be seeing and hearing a whole lot more lies…every day.

While politicians seem to win and maintain their positions of power in this socially accepted deceitful way, I wonder how many of them stop to think what their lies are doing to the health of the people they claim to want to serve.

Oh, and could most of those altruistic political claims about wanting to serve others be lies or half-truths too?

It never ends…

Be Well,

Dr. Mort Orman, M.D., International Speaker, Author And Founder Of The Stress Mastery Academy