It Was The DISHONESTY…Stupid

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Listen up.  I’m a physician and stress expert who has written many articles in the past five years about the hidden internal causes of stress in our lives…which almost always turn out to be one form or another of basic human dishonesty.

Now, we are witnessing one of the largest examples of group stress ever seen—namely the legitimate election of Donald Trump as our next U.S. President—and all the resulting anger, anxiety, teeth-gnashing, crying, finger pointing, protesting, rioting, jockeying for new positions of power, and talks of future comebacks—mostly by members of the Left and supporters of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and other members of the Democratic Party.

And nobody can figure out how this all actually happened.

Sure, everybody has their theories (rise in Obamacare premiums, fear-mongering employed by the GOP, the infamous late-breaking IRS Letter, inadequate messaging by the left, low voter enthusiasm, etc.)

But almost no one is singling out the one unifying factor that was responsible for it all, both the fall of Hillary Clinton and all the personal stress, suffering and emotional anguish and despair that followed it.

You see, when you strip away all the smoke screens, media obfuscations, and other drivel being voluminously dispensed by all sorts of spin-misters…there is one thing…and one thing only…that actually caused the November 8 election results (and aftermath) to turn out as it did.


At last, the average American voter finally stood up (in very large numbers) and said (with a very loud voice so nobody could possibly misunderstand):


Yet despite this very loud and very clear message, nobody in power has heard it quite yet.

Nobody on the Left is even coming close to pointing out this one undeniable causative factor.

And even those on the Right who sense it, have not yet been willing to shine the full spotlight on it.

Layers…Upon Layers… Upon Layers Of Dishonesty

You see, the candidacy of Hilary Clinton was built upon a 100% foundation of pure, unadulterated DISHONESTY.

Do we really think she set up her private email server just for her “convenience” or that it was nothing more than a teensy, weensy, innocent little “mistake.”

No.  She set up her private server because she is basically a DISHONEST human being.

She had clandestine and illegal Clinton Foundation work to do as Secretary Of State, and given all the dishonesty she knew would be taking place behind the scenes, she couldn’t very well allow any of this to become public.

And yet we saw countless political pundits on this week’s Sunday morning talk shows, all “debating” the same unsolved mystery: was it the Comey Letter that brought Hillary down, or was it the Obamacare premium hikes, or was it something else?

Answer: It was something else.

It was her DISHONESTY…Stupid!!!

And What About The Democratic Party?

Now if you truly want to grasp what really went down on November 8th, you can’t just stop with Hillary Clinton’s long career of never-ending dishonesty.

No, you’ve got to go much wider and deeper than that.

You see, you also might want to notice that the entire Democratic Party has also been built up upon a swamp-load of blatant, multi-level DISHONESTY.

Just look at the type of people who rise to the top of this democratic cesspool:

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Donna Brazile

Elizabeth Warren

(just to name a few)


Not an honest person among them.

You see, democrats can’t look you in the eye and tell you what they truly stand for.

If they did, you would reject them in a heartbeat.

The democratic mayors of sanctuary cities can’t go on TV and tell you that they want more and more illegal aliens to come in to their cities and states and stay even if they commit crimes…just so they can become democratic voters and secure their illegitimate hold on political power.

The climate change fanatics can’t tell you that the jury is still out on whether man-made climate change is a legitimate concern.  No, they have to lie to you (repeatedly) to convince you that the verdict is in, that science has answered the question, and that anyone who challenges this position should be killed or shamed into submission.

And the list could (and does) go on…

The Role Of The Media

And now we come to the media.

Here again, almost nobody is getting this post-mortem analysis quite right.

The media was not just a “contributing factor” to the unexpected demise of the Democratic Party in the 2016 Elections.

The media was the central and most important root cause!

It was the media who gave candidate Barak Obama a full pass in back in 2008 and again in 2012.

And it has been the media that has protected him, shielded him and his cohorts, and given him all the freedom from honest scrutiny he needed to create the widespread economic and social pains all across our country that we rose up on November 8th to demand be changed.

You see, at the bottom of it all, the real clear and present danger to America today is the mainstream media.

It’s the media’s fundamental and deep-seated dishonesty and corruption that got called out on November 8th.

And they have in no way begun to take responsibility for all the harm they have done and all the deception and lies they have spread.

The media is even more at fault than Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and corrupt politicians everwhere.

Because the media not only invents, creates and then disseminates its own lethal stockpile of falsehoods, but it provides cover for and even amplifies the lies being told to us by thousands of others.

Oh yeah, there was a very clear reason why Hilary Clinton and the Democrats lost so badly on November 8th.

That reason is the widespread DISHONESTY that has been allowed to grow and prosper in our society for decades.

And you’re just never going to hear that bit of truth from the media, who is so hell-bent on offering you any other root causes…other than the real one.

But What About All The Stressed Out Children (And Celebrities)?

Of course, an analysis of widespread DISHONESTY, even a very short one like this, would not be complete without a look at our shell-shocked young children and grief-riddled celebrities.

Many of these can be found today crying or otherwise feeling distraught in their designated safe zones at their $50,000 a year liberal universities.

Others can be found protesting or rioting in the streets, as if some major shameful abuse had just personally been inflicted upon them.

Others can be found shouting from the rooftops that we just elected a racist, misogynist, bigoted KKK sympathizer, etc..

Give me a break.

That’s NOT what just happened.

And the fact you might feel that way only means you have bought into all the reams and reams of DISHONESTY that have been fed into your brain by politicians, liberals, the media, and even you beloved faculty members.

That’s how you end up going on social media to commiserate with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, who was totally overcome with grief about how Hillary Clinton was somehow “denied the opportunity” to become the first woman President, even though she ran for the office twice and was soundly defeated BOTH TIMES!!

It’s Still Very Difficult To Tell The Truth Today

Let me give you just one more recent example of how difficult it still is today to have honest, truthful public debates.

I normally don’t watch the Sunday political talk shows, but I decided to watch This Week With George Stephanopoulos, which aired on 11/13/16 between 9:00am to 10:00am, just to see what they were saying about the recent election.

There was a very telling panel discussion that took place at 0:38 in the show.

It’s a feature of the show called the The Powerhouse Roundtable and along with George it included the following four others:

Democratic strategist Van Jones

Journalist Bill Kristol

Conservative strategist Mary Matalin

Journalist Katrina vanden Heuvel

At some point early on in the roundtable, Democratic strategist Van Jones (a black man) made the following comment:

“The thing about this Trump phenomenon…is that there’s a lot of good stuff in it (anti-elitism, concern for working-class jobs) but it’s just marbled with all this toxic stuff…the misogyny, the outright bigotry…and so now people are left to try to pull this apart. If you just look at all the good stuff and you don’t acknowledge the toxic stuff you’re wrong, and if you only look at the toxic stuff and you don’t recognize there’s going to be some good stuff here (for infrastructure, etc.) you’re wrong.”

Then at about (0:49) Conservative strategist Mary Matalin chimed in by saying:

“Listen, can I have an honest moment here people.”

She went on to say that encouraging people to focus in on “toxic elements” and racial aspects of the Trump victory (Van Jones previously had publically described the Trump victory as a “whitelash”) was nothing more than racial polarization and would do nothing to forward racial conciliation.

And while she didn’t use these exact words, what she was trying to convey, at least in my opinion, was that this was just one more lie in a whole series of lies and mistruths that have been going on far too long.

That’s why she prefaced her remarks by asking the panel “seriously, can we just have one brief moment of truth telling here, instead of all this camouflaged B.S.?”

Did she get that moment of truth?

Of course not.   Van Jones and the other panel members tried to crucify her for even daring to point out that they might not be speaking honestly.

You see, when you (yourself) start off creating the false premise of “toxicity,” which you then believe is real, and then you emotionally respond to this false invented reality, you are the last person in the world who is going to be honest and admit you actually did all those things.

To you, it will be perceived as a “fact of life” or a “fact about Trump” that you will vigorously cling to and not recognize as the mostly invented B.S. that it really is.

So you won’t hear Van Jones or any of the other panel members admitting that all this false “toxicity” has been manufactured out of thin air.

Just like you won’t ever see Hilary Clinton saying, “Yep, it was my own complete dishonesty that ruined my presidential bid.”

And this is also why you will continue to hear the media periodically announce:


P.S. To All Liberals And Leftists: Good luck trying to rebuild your defeated political party without severing its fundamental ties to dishonesty…which is something I feel confident you will never willingly do.