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How To Be Extraordinary Part 3: Consciousness Engineering

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Dr. Mort Orman here and in my third post in this 5-part series, I’m going to review Part 2 of the new book by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani, The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind.  In particular, I’ll be talking about what Vishen calls consciousness engineering.

Part 2 is called “The Awakening: The Power To Choose Your Version Of The World.”

According to Vishen, most people live their lives at Level 1–Living In The Culturescape.  They simply accept the beliefs and models of reality handed down to them and go about their lives accordingly.

Consciousness Engineering

The next level up from that is what he calls “Consciousness Engineering.”  Here you do two extraordinary things:

  • You consciously decide to “swap out” old beliefs and models of reality for new and improved ones; and
  • You consciously decide to adopt new “systems for living” or daily practices and routines that can improve your life and which are consistent with your new models of reality.

For example, he talks about his own personal struggle (and eventually overcoming) a very common internal model of reality called “I’m not good enough,” which many people suffer from today and most are completely unaware of.

12 Areas Of Life Balance

He also introduces in Part 2 a very useful framework of 12 Areas Of Life Balance, that you can use to examine different sectors of your life to see where the principles and distinctions he discusses might apply.

For instance, in this section, he uses this 12-part framework to help you look more closely at specific life areas where you may be harboring disempowering beliefs or models of reality you might want to swap out for better ones.

He then uses this same 12-part framework in other chapters of the book to also help you make better and more thorough self-assessments.

Adopting New Systems For Living

Also in this section, he introduces you to the second part of Consciousness Engineering—adopting new “systems for living”—which he briefly discussed here and then develops in much more detail in subsequent sections and chapters.

His firm belief, which I agree with, is that extraordinary people not only adopt better models of reality, but they also use those new conceptual models as springboards for establishing new daily routines and practices (i.e., systems) that empower them and make them more effective.

In later chapters of the book, he describes a number of these powerful systems for living that he and other extraordinary people incorporate into their daily routines.

I’m not going to try to explain them all here, so if you want to learn about them, go buy and read the book.

My Reflections On Part 2

I have already discussed in this series how changing or swapping out old models of reality (about stress, about relationships, about communication, about public speaking, and many others) made a huge and lasting impact on the quality of my life.

But establishing certain empowering daily habits also made a substantial difference as well.

Watch this short video to see some of the ones I’ve adopted over the years and continue to use on a daily basis.

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