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My Own Personal Struggles With Stress…And How I Overcame Them

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My name is Dr. Mort Orman and in addition to being a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, I am also a nationally-recognized stress relief expert.  I’m also the author of more than 10 self-help books on how to reduce stress, negative emotions, negative thinking, relationship conflicts, anxiety and other stress-related problems.

Well, that’s nice for me, but what about you?  If you are suffering with painful and energy-draining stress problems right now, I’m sure you could care less about my own personal accomplishments.

But I wasn’t always accomplished when it came to dealing with stress.

In fact, for most of my teenage years, college years, medical school and residency years and my first few years in private practice, I was absolutely horrible at dealing with stress.  I was just as stressed, overwhelmed and tense as most of my physician colleagues.

How Bad Was My Stress?

anger stress

It was bad.  I was angry, anxious, tense, and unhappy most of the time.  Remember John McEnroe and his angry outbursts in the middle of televised tennis matches during the height of his playing career?   Well that was me!  In fact, I actually took up tennis for a while in my late 20s, and just like Mr. McEnroe, I could be seen slamming my racquet down in anger and disgust multiple times during each match I played.

My relationships with friends, family and others were also terribly strained.  I frequently got irritated when patients wouldn’t take their medications or follow my medical advice. I was constantly getting into battles with others, and my love life was nothing to write home about either.

So what did I do to try to reign in all this stress?  Well, just about everything that is still being recommended to people today.  I tried changing my diet and exercising more.  I tried meditation, acupuncture, biofeedback and listening to soft music.  Heck, I even went into therapy for several years, and while this helped to some degree, I was still pretty stressed and nothing I tried was making much of a difference.

Then Everything Changed

Perhaps you can relate in some way to my struggles during those early years.  Maybe you tried to manage your stress without any long-term improvements to brag about.  Or you too experience relationship conflicts and tensions from time to time.  Maybe you get angry, frustrated or anxious more often than you want and can’t seem to eliminate these strong emotions, no matter how hard you try.

personal breakthrough

Well, I almost gave up hope after trying so many things that didn’t reduce my stress.  Then, one day, I had an unforeseen breakthrough that changed my whole life.   I finally discovered that the problem wasn’t me after all.

The problem was that most of what I has been taught to believe about stress wasn’t really true!

I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me to let go of these widely held beliefs.  After all, I was trained as a physician and a scientist, and most of the principles about stress I had accepted (without question) had been scientifically researched and confirmed, hadn’t they?  Well guess what—many of them aren’t really true.

A Completely New Mindset!

Through studying the works of several pioneering thinkers, I was finally able to see through all the smoke and haze that was keeping me from recognizing the truth about human stress.

For example, I realized that how most people (including most experts) defined stress wasn’t really correct.  Not only that, but the way they defined it actually disempowered people instead of empowering them.

I also discovered that there was no such thing as “good” or “healthy” stress, that the causes of human stress are widely misunderstood, and that managing stress is actually more harmful to us than it is beneficial.  Yes, managing stress is better  than using alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes, foods or other unhealthy chemical coping solutions.  But as a primary coping strategy for dealing with stress, it leaves much to be desired.

My Stress Levels Began Decreasing And Have Continued To Go Down Over Time

Little by little, as I peered through the veil of all the myths and misconceptions about stress that are prevalent in our society, I started to understand (and see) what was actually going on whenever I felt “stressed.”  And the more I could clearly see exactly what was going on, the more I was able to easily intervene to turn things around.

Little by little, I started felling less angry and frustrated.  My anxiety problems and my horrendous fear of public speaking gradually disappeared, without me having to exercise, listen to soft music or do any other time-consuming and often ineffective stress management techniques.

The quality of my relationships also began to improve.  I patched up damaged relationships with my parents and my sister.  I got along much better with my patients, and I stopped getting emotionally upset with them when they wouldn’t do everything I wanted them to do.

I even learned a lot about how to function in a loving relationship with a woman.  Then I met my wife Christina and we’ve been married for 31 years.

I went on to write my first book on stress in 1991, and it won a top non-fiction book award from the National Association of Independent Publishers in 1992. I have since written more than 10 other books on how to eliminate stress, and I created and delivered hundreds of live talks and seminars, all over the country.

In 1992, I started National Stress Awareness Month, which I have sponsored every April in the US for the past 23 years.  And in 2011, I founded The Stress Mastery Academy, which provides advanced training programs for people who want higher levels of stress relief than stress management can offer them.

What’s The Main Point Of This Story?

The thing I want to emphasize by telling you my story, is that none of these wonderful improvements in my life started happening for me until I was willing to consider that everything I had been taught about stress—and everything that the experts were preaching about it—was not really correct.

I had to have the courage to challenge these widely accepted ideas and see through them on my own.  Believe me, this was not very easy for a scientifically-trained physician to be able to do.  But I did it nonetheless, and it has done more to reduce my stress and improve my life than anything else I have ever tried or done.

Let Me Be Your Personal Stress Coach

You too can have your own personal breakthroughs when it comes to reducing your stress and improving your life.  All you have to do is be willing to break away from the traditional stress management mindset and explore new and better models that are much more powerful and beneficial.


I’d be happy to show you the way.  If you hop on my stress relief email list, I will happily share many of my stress relief strategies and insights that have helped me the most.  I’ll even tell you about my industry-leading online 10-week home study course, The Ultimate Stress Relief System, which I encourage you to check out.  It will accelerate you learning curve incredibly, and in just ten short weeks, you’ll get all the best of my advanced insights and stress reduction strategies that took me 30 years of personal study and more than $100,000 of investments to refine and perfect.

Everybody knows the value of having good coaches and mentors in their life. I’ve been privileged to serve as the personal stress coach for many of my students and followers, and I’d be happy to serve in the same role for you.

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