2016 Election Stress

Stress And The 2016 Presidential Election—Part 2 (Post-Election Dishonesty)

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NOTE: If you missed Part 1 of this three-part series on stress and the 2016 Presidential Election you can view it here.

The opponents of Donald Trump still do not understand what happened on Tuesday, November 8th.

They refuse to acknowledge the most important factor that led to their historic defeat.

It wasn’t Fox News.  It wasn’t the Russians.  It wasn’t FBI Director Comey.

It was their own outrageous DISHONESTY.

And since the election has ended, they have continued to pursue (and in some cases double down on) this very self-defeating strategy, which brought them so much pain and misery in the first place.

Reaction To Cabinet Nominations

Just look at how the media and other folks on the Left have reacted to Donald Trump’s transition team and their first few high level appointments.

They have savagely attacked the Trump transition team and almost every one of its picks.

Most of this savaging has been completely dishonest, but hey, it’s politics right?

There’s no requirement that you have to tell the truth.

Nevertheless, such endless streams of blatant distortions and dishonesty cost them big time before, and it is likely to cost them again.

Dishonest Celebrities And Actors

And then we have our darling celebrities and performer elites.

The definition of being an actor is someone who excels at pretending to be what they are not—the height of DISHONESTY—channeled for the noble purpose of entertaining and inspiring others.

But when actors and other celebrities turn to political discourse, there is usually nothing either entertaining nor inspiring that is uttered from their lips.

Instead, what we have witnessed from the celebrity crowd this election year is some of the most vile and vehement hatred (for Donald Trump, his supporters,  and all other Republicans) that I have ever witnessed.

And more than 90% of that hatred is based in pure, unadulterated DISHONESTY, compounded by DENIAL.

The Left just never gets it facts straight, especially when they are filled with so much vitriol and hatred in their hearts.

And because they feel an urge to both protect and improve the lives of others, they feel compelled to spread their false claims and hatred through the notoriety and popularity they have gained from their performances.

Just look at the actor who confronted Vice-President Elect Pence at the end of a recent performance of the show Hamilton on Broadway.

He started out by pretending to be respectful, when he actually had enormous contempt and hatred for Pence in his heart.

He then added to this DISHONESTY by asserting that the new administration was not going to protect the lives or the rights of minority populations, another false premise that he spread (with total impunity) as if it were true.

Then, when he was challenged by Donald Trump and others for being bigoted and inappropriate, he said “I didn’t attack anyone, it was just a conversation.”

Sure, like World War II was just a disagreement between neighboring countries.

So not only were the fears and anxieties of the Hamilton cast members borne out of DISHONESTY, but their actions were also DISHONEST, as was their refusal to accept responsibility for doing something that truly was inappropriate.

Dishonest Protests And Riots

And then we have our “innocent” protestors and rioters.

Total DISHONESTY on public display for all to see.

From “Trump’s Not My President” (Yes he will be) to “No More KKK” (pure B.S.) to “I have the right to damage property and impede the flow of traffic” this is nothing more than people acting out stupidly in response to strong negative emotions, which they are feeling because they are not willing to tell the truth in the first place.

Indeed, DISHONESTY has become so commonplace in our society today that people can’t even see it—and call it what it is—even when it is on clear display right in front of them and also in front of everyone else to observe.

This is why we have so much stress in our society today, independent of Presidential elections, and it is also why people act like lunatics when their favorite candidate gets defeated (for good reasons) and they are unwilling to tell the truth about how they got what they deserved.

In Part 3 of this three-part series, I’ll have more to say about the role that DISHONESTY plays in our everyday emotions.

So until then…

To your health, happiness and success,

Dr. Mort Orman, M.D., International Speaker, Author And Founder Of The Stress Mastery Academy