Stress and 2016 Election

Stress And The 2016 Presidential Election–Part 1  (What Won…And What Lost)

Mort Orman Stress Relief

Along with millions of other Americans, I watched with great anticipation as the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election appeared on my TV screen on Tuesday night, November 8th.

And when the dust had settled, and Donald Trump had been elected President, I too was amazed just like millions of other startled viewers.

However, I had a very different viewpoint of what had just transpired, compared to most other observers..

For me, it wasn’t so much about WHO won and WHO had lost, nor was it about my personal feelings regarding each of the dueling candidates and their respective political parties.

As both a physician and a stress expert, I saw something much deeper and much more profound taking place right before my eyes.

I saw DISHONESTY being soundly defeated.

For the first time in several decades, I saw large numbers of Americans finally stand up and say:


The 2016 Presidential Election was not a victory by Republicans over Democrats.

It was a victory of HONESTY over DISHONESTY.

And most people have yet to realize how important this victory was, both for our country as a whole, and for themselves as individuals.

Dishonesty And Stress

During the past 30 years, in addition to being an Internal Medicine physician, I have helped many individuals, from all walks of life and from all political persuasions, to massively reduce their stress and live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

I have conducted hundreds of stress reduction workshops and seminars, published more than 10 books on how to eliminate stress, opened my own Stress Mastery Academy, and created National Stress Awareness Day, celebrated every April in the U.S. since 1992.

During those 30 years, not only was I able to free myself from years and years of painful and chronic personal stress, but I have also been able to help many other people who had never succeeded with any other stress relief efforts they had previously tried.

I have even helped people who failed to improve with extensive treatment from very well-known and respected psychologists and psychiatrists.

Secret To My Success

And I want you to know that there is a big secret to my success.

It’s a secret that most Americans know very little about, and it is a secret that is unknown to most stress experts as well.

My secret to being able to conquer stress so easily myself, and to be able to help so many others, is that I clearly understand  (more so than most) what stress really is and where it actually comes from.

I won’t bore you with trying to explain what stress really is, but I do want to share with you where it really comes from.

You see, all human stress comes from just one place, and one place only.

It comes from human DISHONESTY, pure and simple.

It is not possible for a human being (or a group of human beings) to experience stress without having DISHONESTY as its actual, fundamental cause.

Yes, you can come up with all sorts of other theories, “facts,” and explanations.

But at the end of the day, it will always turn out to be DISHONESTY, which may not be obvious at first sight, and which may exist at many different cognitive, behavioral and philosophical levels simultaneously.

Trust me that I know what I am talking about here.

I have worked with thousands of individuals over the past 30 years, who suffered from all sorts of differing problems and stressful situations.

In the end, however, it always turned out to be DISHONESTY that was the key causative ingredient.

For example, if you get upset (i.e. stressed) because you see someone acting from what you believe to be very bad motives, and it later becomes clear that they weren’t really acting from bad motives at all, then DISHONESTY was the root of your stressful upset feelings.

Similarly, if you feel stressed because you got fired from your job and you believe you were terminated unfairly, the chances are high that this too is a DISHONEST assessment. Somewhere, somehow you didn’t perform as well as you could and you managed to allienate someone who wanted you gone.

And I could literally give you thousands of other examples.

So when I sat there watching the election results roll in on Tuesday night, November 8th, and I saw DISHONESTY getting soundly defeated, I knew in my heart that this was not just a victory of one political party over another.

It was a victory for all human beings, regardless of political affiliation, in terms of their own future health and well-being, if they were just able to appreciate the enormity of what had just transpired.

Dishonesty And The Media

You don’t have to look very far to see that it was DISHONESTY that was soundly defeated in the 2016 Presidential election.

You can start off by noticing whom the Democrats picked to be their standard-bearing candidate—perhaps the most dishonest person ever to run for office.

But if you missed that subtle point, you could NOT have possibly missed all the abusive dishonesty that the majority of media experts and pundits threw around on a daily basis.

Yet despite the mountains of endless dishonesty and bias in their so-called “reporting,” the election went against them, precisely because they were so outrageously dishonest.

And while all politicians tend to be dishonest to some degree—an occupational reality about having to get elected—the Democratic Party has elevated this tactic to new levels never seen before in American politics.

I guess that’s what they meant by saying “When they go low, we go high (i.e. even more dishonest)” and it all backfired by getting them defeated.

Dishonesty And Negative Reactions To Donald Trump Being Elected

This brings me to my final point in Part 1 of this three-part series about “Stress And The 2016 Presidential Election.”

There can be no doubt that millions of American’s were shocked and even horrified that Donald Trump won the election.

There were people openly crying.  There were people who were incredibly angry. There were people who immediately became terrified about their future under a Trump administration.

There were people taking to the streets to protest and even riot.

There was mass chaos and disruption on virtually every college campus.

Even high school students required comforting to soothe their injured feelings.

If you look at all these many different types of negative post-election responses, you should see that these are nothing more than stress responses that are being experienced either by individuals or collective groups of individuals.

And what do we know about the source of all human stress?

Yep, it all comes from DISHONESTY on many different levels.

Thus, DISHONESTY is not only the root cause of why Hillary Clinton got defeated and Donald Trump got elected, but it is also the root cause of all the pain and personal suffering that people opposed to a Trump presidency are feeling in the aftermath of the election.

In my opinion, this makes perfect and poetic sense.

If you live by DISHONESTY, you will experience suffering and pain when your DISHONESTY is exposed and you don’t want to admit it.

The cure for all this post-election stress is simple—JUST TELL THE TRUTH—but of course this is very difficult, especially for people who have so much hatred for Donald Trump in their hearts.

So what we have just witnessed in the 2016 Presidential election, including all of the tumultuous aftermath, is nothing more than DISHONESTY rearing its ugly head once again.

I will explore this relationship between DISHONESTY and the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election in more detail in my last two posts in this three-part series.

Until Part 2…

To your health, happiness and success,

Dr. Mort Orman, M.D., International Speaker, Author And Founder Of The Stress Mastery Academy