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The Real Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Programs Fail

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If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and keep it off, but failed, you probably concluded that the problem must have been YOU.  After all, you didn’t control your overeating habits.  You didn’t go out and exercise every day.  And you didn’t follow whatever recommendations were made to you.  Instead, you chose to either modify the program or buy into excuses to abandon it somewhere along the way.

All the “evidence” appears to point to YOU.  But the evidence is misleading.  That’s because it is only part of the full story.

How Weight Loss Programs Let You Down

The real reason why most people enter a weight loss program (or try to follow a weight loss book or diet plan on their own) and fail has more to do with the low quality of advice they receive, which appears to be solid but is actually full of holes.

You see, most weight loss programs are built upon faulty behavior change principles that virtually guarantee you will fail to achieve your long-term weight loss goals, no matter how hard you try or how much work you put in.

For example, most weight loss programs encourage you to focus on the reasons why you want to lose weight, in order to “psych you up” and keep you highly motivatedThis is one of the worst things you could ever do to help someone try to lose weight.

Sure, this motivation might be good to help you lose weight initially, but what happens once you actually achieve your desired goal?  What happens to your motivation then?  You know, once you are looking better, feeling better, fitting into your tight jeans again?  Your prime motivators completely disappear, don’t they?  Now the conventional thinking is that once you achieve your desired weight, you’ll be so motivated to keep it there that you won’t go back to your old eating habits.  But how has that theory worked for you so far?  Not very well I would guess.

In The Ultimate Weight Control Program, which is the innovative 12-week online training course I developed back in 2006, we don’t encourage you to focus on normal weight loss motivators. In fact, we strongly discourage you from doing this.  Instead, we introduce you to a new motivating factor that won’t disappear once you’ve lost all the weight you want.  In fact, it’s a motivation factor that’s so very strong and so beneficial that you can easily hold on to it for the rest of your life.

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Another big way that weight loss programs let you down is they don’t give you adequate training in how to stick to any diet or exercise plan.  This is a fundamental skill that you need to become good at in order to make any lasting behavior change.

In the online weight loss course I developed, our main focus is not to have you lose weight during the program.  Rather, it is to restore your ability to give your word to yourself, each and every day, regarding what you are going to eat (or not eat) and whether you are going to exercise, and then stick to your plan no matter what else happens during your day.  Sadly, most weight loss programs skip over this critically important skill, and that’s why most of them cause you to fail.

If you regain your ability to wake up each morning and make a few specific promises to yourself, and then go to bed at night feeling proud of yourself for keeping those promises, 100% of the time, you can change any behavior you want, if you just have a decent plan to follow.  You can even have a bad behavior change plan, and if you follow it faithfully, you will discover very quickly that it’s not working so you can abandon it and try something else.

But if you give in to temptation easily, or you constantly make excuses for why you can’t keep the promises you made, then you will always lose the behavior change game, and that’s pretty much what’s been happening to you so far.

One of the things that makes my Ultimate Weight Control Program different (and I believe better) than most other weight loss programs available today is that you don’t actually start losing most of your weight until AFTER the program is over.  We devote the majority of your time in the program to PREPARING you to lose weight successfully and to keep it off once you have achieved your desired goal.

How This Program Changes And Improves Lives

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At the end of my 12-week online program, you will confidently know that you do have the ability (and know how) to lose any amount of weight you want and keep it off forever.  In addition, you will find that everything you learn and accomplish in this course will have spill-over benefits to all other areas of your life.  Your relationships will often be stronger and more secure, your job performance may  improve, you will  be much less a victim of the external circumstances around you, and your attitude, self-confidence and problem-solving ability as a human being will continue to expand long after this course has ended.

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